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Invisalign Santa Clarita

Smile Care Valencia is a dental practice seeking to bring bright smiles on people’s faces. We have a qualified group of experienced dentists that are now providing Invisalign Santa Clarita services.

This is a really efficient method to solve dental issues of teeth alignment and crooked teeth. This is an advancement of the traditional metal braces that have been in practice for long.

With the introduction of Invisalign braces which are clear and barely noticeable, many people are today preferring them to metal braces.

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Invisalign advantages over metal braces

Metal braces on teeth are the idea that comes to many people’s minds when they hear of teeth braces. However, with Invisalign Santa Clarita and their clear aligners, the concept has changed. The Invisalign clear aligners are colorless and blend in with the teeth making them barely noticeable.

This means that the patient can smile more during treatment without having to wonder if people keep on staring at their braces. The clear aligners are also removable, unlike metal braces which are fixed onto the teeth. The patient can thus remove them for various reasons such as eating and drinking.

This means that the patient can eat anything without worrying about messing the aligners. The fact that the aligners are removable also mean that the patient is able to maintain proper oral hygiene as they can brush and floss their teeth.

Good hygiene is essential for recovery and overall dental health. The aligners also offer comfort for the patient. They are prepared to fit every tooth perfectly which gives the user a feeling of ease and comfort.

Many people also prefer Invisalign braces as they are durable. This is unlike metal braces which the patient has to get fitted by the dentist occasionally.

How Invisalign works

The Invisalign aligners are made by 3D-imaging technology. After the dentist scans and gets the impression of the patient mouth and teeth, they use the specifications to make aligners to fit every tooth and treat its specific problem. Wearing the aligners gradually returns the teeth to the preferred position by pulling them into space. Frequent visit to the dentist during treatment ensures a perfect result.

The aligners may need to be changed every 2-3 weeks as the dentist inspects the progress and makes other aligners to continue the alignment process. We have both aligners for kids and adults. We have an inspection system on the children braces that allow the parents to monitor and ensure that the children wear the aligners long enough for best results.

There is a slight color change when they have been worn enough so the parent can tell when their kids have not been wearing them. Our dentists recommend wearing the aligners for up to twenty hours daily, only removing them during meals and when brushing the teeth.

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Our team wants to create awareness about Invisalign. We aim to ensure everyone is confident about their smile and we are dedicated to removing dental worries from your hands.

We are equipped with the latest technology and equipment in the market, and with our qualified staff, you are sure to leave our clinic with a smile on your face.

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