Digital Dentistry

Intraoral scanners are a crucial component of a modern dental practice, allowing for more accurate restorations and an easier appointment for our patients. Instead of messy impressions that take a long time to set in the patient’s mouth, digital impressions use a scanner to take a video of the patient’s teeth, creating a 3D digital model that is accurate while drastically reducing intraoral discomfort and helping the patient better understand their treatment plan.. Digital impressions also improve the patient experience by decreasing the length of their appointment and the overall number of visits.

Our office uses the Medit i700 intraoral 3D scanner, one of the newest and most advanced scanners in dentistry. With advanced scanning technology and 20 years of engineering know-how, Medit’s dynamic-depth scanner allows us to capture full mouth scans in less than a minute with unprecedented image quality. For every 3D image, the Medit i700 consolidates more than 50,000 images per second, offering an unprecedented level of scanning precision.

Use the Medit i700 Scanner is used in a wide range of applications including clear aligners, crowns, implant-supported restorations, full and partial dentures, orthodontics, implant surgical guides, sleep apnea devices, dental models, 3d printing, and so much more…


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