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When dental emergencies happen, most people do not realize calling an emergency dentist is an option. However, whether you have a toothache (especially one preventing you from going to sleep), a cracked, loose,  chipped, or broken tooth or  crown, we can help you get relief the same day. Dental procedures may also sometimes leave you with an aching gum or tooth. While some of these after effects may be completely normal, some can be due to other serious issues. In such cases, you can contact our emergency Santa Clarita dentist to provide immediate relief for pain or discomfort.

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    Types of Dental Emergencies We Care for

    If you are suffering from severe tooth pain and are in need of emergency dentistry, Dr. Robert Hedvat and his friendly staff are standing by to take your call. Call us now to schedule an appointment to get relief today. We understand how inconvenient (not to mention painful) a dental emergency can be and will do everything in our power to give you a pleasant experience in an otherwise unpleasant time. We handle a wide variety of dental emergencies, such as:

    • Toothaches: Whether you have an abscessed (infected) tooth or are in need of a root canal or even a tooth extraction, we are able to quickly fix your tooth and bring you much needed relief, ultimately relieving you of pain.
    • Broken tooth: Broken teeth with small cracks or fractures are often difficult to detect due to minimal pain. Over time, these small cracks and fractures can lead to serious symptoms affecting the nerve. Teeth with large pieces broken off can become very painful due to internal damage or exposed nerves. Contact our Santa Clarita dentist right away if you notice any of these symptoms. In addition, ignoring indications of a fracture can allow the condition to worsen severely, even to the point of permanent damage. We recommend you to save any pieces of teeth and apply gauze to the area if you experience any bleeding. Placing a cold compress to the outside can help with swelling or pain.


    • Swelling, infection, abscess, and bad taste can be good indicators that emergency dental care is needed, requiring you to visit the nearest emergency dentist as quickly as possible.


    • Sore and Swollen Gums: There can be multiple sources of sore and swollen gums, but no matter what the cause, it’s important you contact us immediately to make sure you don’t have an infection, or severe gum disease (periodontitis), as this can lead to damage to the gums and jaw, and even tooth loss.
    • Lost Crown: Lost or missing crowns are also very common, and can be quickly and easily replaced or fixed right here in our office.


    An emergency dentist can also provide immediate help for dental injuries or conditions that cause incessant pain. You can consult us at Smile Care Valencia dental clinic to know more about how you can get an emergency visit. An emergency dentist can be of great help in many ways for both you and your child.

    Immediate Help

    An emergency dentist is here to help you with immediate dental assistance when you need it. In some cases, you may be having a dental condition that requires immediate attention. For instance, a toothache can cause increasing pain and make you unable to participate in your daily activity.

    For such cases, you can contact an emergency dentist Santa Clarita to receive immediate dental treatment and get back to your regular routine. At Smile Care Valencia, we offer the best and time-effective emergency dental services for all dental issues.


    24-hour Service

    Our emergency dentist services are open 24 hours a day, meaning you won’t miss an emergency dentist when you need one. In a situation where you having a dental emergency after regular closing hours, you can still contact our emergency dentist to get dental assistance for any dental issue.


    Pediatric Services

    Children play a lot, and most times they do not have protective gear as they play. This makes them prone to injury much more than the average adult. During play, in case your child experiences some kind of dental injury, it is of utmost importance that he or she receives a dental evaluation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to prevent permanent damage. In such a case, you can contact our emergency dentist Santa Clarita, Dr. Robert Hedvat, to get the best pediatric emergency treatment for your child. What’s more, we can reapir or replace any broken or missing teeth, and fabricate a dental appliance to help correct any bone-related damage that may have been caused during the accident.

    First Aid for Dental Accidents

    Even prior to seeing Dr. Robert Hedvat or if you cannot get access to the emergency dentist, there may be other ways to achieve pain relief. An emergency dentist can provide the specific relief  guidelines on how to address a bleeding tooth, a chipped tooth or any jaw aches. You can also contact an emergency dentist to know what you should do before taking your child to the dentist in the event of a dental injury.

    While certain conditions can be treated by your regular dentist, below are some steps to take during each emergency situation:


    Toothache pain can be overwhelming, making it impossible to eat, sleep, and carry out your daily obligations. Serious tooth pain is often caused by a dental abscess or infection, or by decay that has irritated the nerves in and around your tooth. When tooth pain occurs, you can consider it a dental emergency. Call an emergency dentist, and follow these tips until they are able to see you:

    • Hold a cold compress against the outside of your mouth near the sore tooth.
    • Rinse your mouth with salt water to alleviate inflammation.
    • Use dental floss to remove any food that is lodged near the sore tooth.
    • Apply an oral numbing gel, sold at most drugstores, to the sore tooth and the gums around it.

    Never apply aspirin or another pain reliever directly to your tooth or gums, as this can irritate the gum tissue and make matters a lot worse.

    Your emergency dentist will examine the tooth and take x-rays to determine the cause of the pain. You may need a root canal or extraction to treat the abscess and associated pain.

    Broken or Cracked Teeth

    If you chip or break a tooth, whether while eating or while engaging in sports, it’s important to see the dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you receive treatment, the more likely it is that your dentist will be able to reattach the broken piece to your damaged tooth. Save any pieces of the chipped tooth that you find, and rinse them gently in warm water. Place them in a cup of milk, and take them to the dentist’s office with you.

    If your chipped or cracked tooth is painful, you can ease the pain by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or Tylenol if you can tolerate it. Hold a cold compress against the outside of your cheek, and if you are bleeding, bite down on a piece of gauze to slow the bleeding.

    Knocked-Out Tooth

    Having a tooth knocked out of your mouth can be traumatic. If you are able to see a dentist within an hour, there is a pretty good chance the dentist will be able to re-insert the tooth into its socket and save it.

    Have a friend call the dentist immediately while you focus on the lost tooth. Always lift up the lost tooth by the crown, rather than the root, since you do not want to introduce any bacteria or other pathogens to the tooth root. If there is any debris or dirt on the tooth, run it under some clean, cold water, but do not dry it on anything. Push it back into its socket, making sure that it is facing the right way, and bite down slowly to keep it in place until you reach the emergency dentist. If you cannot easily get the tooth back into its socket, store it in a container of milk. Pharmacies also sell a product that you can place a lost tooth in if you happen to have it on hand.

    The emergency treatment process for a lost tooth involves cleaning the socket to remove any debris, and then re-inserting the tooth in its socket. Your dentist may use wire or a special splint to hold the tooth in place. Over the next few weeks, the bone will fuse to the teeth, rendering it stable in the jaw once again.

    Lost or Damaged Filling

    If you chip or crack a, filling this might indicate something serious is happening inside the tooth. Call us so we can discuss if emergency dental treatment is needed . If the pain is unbearable, contact an emergency dentist, who can insert a new filling promptly.

    Lost Crown

    A lost crown is a dental emergency, . In the meantime, you can apply clove oil to the tooth to alleviate any soreness. You can also apply some denture glue to the tooth and slip the crown back over it. Never use super glue to reattach the crown. If you cannot get the crown to stay securely on your tooth, store it in a plastic bag until you are able to get to the dentist. Make an appointment as soon as possible,as putting off treatment may lead to additional damage to the tooth.

    Loose Braces Brackets

    A loose braces bracket is a reason to see your orthodontist or general dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use orthodontic wax to hold the loose bracket in place. Also apply some wax over the top of the bracket so that it does not rub on your cheek. Your Dentist will probably need to re-cement the bracket or replace it entirely.

    If a wire in your braces breaks off or starts poking you in the cheek, t stop the wire from poking you, try using a pencil eraser to bend it back against your teeth. Do not cut the wire; it may accidentally get stuck in your tongue, or you may swallow it. Cover the end of the wire with some orthodontic wax to prevent it from rubbing on your cheek. Try to stick to soft foods until you have your braces repaired so that you don’t cause more extensive damage.

    Dental Abscess

    A dental abscess is an infection that occurs in or around a tooth root. Abscesses can cause serious dental pain, and they can be dangerous as they might spread into the jaw bone, nearby teeth, or even your blood. It’s important to seek treatment for a suspected dental abscess as soon as possible to reduce the chance of the infection spreading. If you have a fever or severe pain, call an emergency dentist for immediate care.

    As with any toothache, you can keep abscess pain under control with cold compresses, salt water rinses, and sticking to soft foods.  Abscesses are often treated with a root canal procedure. If the tooth is badly infected, an extraction is an affordable treatment option.

    Oral Injuries

    If you suffer an injury to your mouth that results in tissue damage and bleeding, your best bet is to see an emergency dentist. The doctor can stitch up any cuts and address any damage to your teeth or oral tissues. In the meantime, you can control bleeding by placing pressure on the wounded area with a cold compress. Rinse your mouth with cool water to control any bleeding from internal cuts and to keep the area clean.


    At Smile Care Valencia, we provide the best Emergency dentistry that Santa Clarita has to offer. We strive to get you in as soon as possible so you can get the treatment you need to minimize the damage, relieve tooth pain and restore your smile. If you’re in the Santa Clarita or Palmdale area and you’ve had an accident and need emergency dental work, get in touch with a practice that understands dental emergencies.

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