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Gum recession refers to a dental condition, characterized by wearing off of the gum.

The teeth’s gum seems to be peeling off, “receding”, and the effect is that part of the tooth’s root becomes exposed.

This is a serious condition that exposes your tooth to infections that will hurt your dental health. If you are concerned about your teeth and you are suspecting of experiencing gum recession, it is important to seek a dentist’s opinion to know the way forward.

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Causes of Gum recession

Before we get into treatment options, we should first consider the causes of gum recession to be aware of the necessary measures to avoid such occurrences. Periodontal diseases are some of the common causes of these complications.

Some gum infections destroy the gum tissue causing the receding. Medical studies also show that genetics is also involved with issues of gum infections, having 30% of people prone to gum infections and thus experiencing receding gums.

Other contributing factors could be hormonal changes-pregnant women are prone to such infections, aggressive tooth brushing that may damage gum tissue, smoking, issues of grinding teeth, as well as having a misaligned bite which causes pressure on the gum thus leading to recession.


If you have issues of gum recession, worry no more. We have a range of treatment options available for you at our dental practice. In most cases, gum recession is treated by deep cleaning procedures.

Our dentist will do a thorough cleaning of your teeth, and in the process, they remove the tar and bacteria that is accumulated on the affected area. Once all the dirt is gotten rid of, there is no suitable environment for growth and reproduction of bacteria thus stopping the gum recession.

However, is deep cleaning is not able to stop the condition, the dentist may recommend a surgical procedure to curb the issue.


There are a few types of surgery that may be used to treat cases of receding gums.

Open flap scaling is a surgical procedure where the oral surgeon peels back the gum, cleans the affected area to get rid of bacteria, then they return the gum tissue into place.

The other form of surgery to treat this condition is a regeneration procedure.

This is done in severe cases where part of the bone have been affected and damaged.

In the procedure, the dentist will clean the affected area to get rid of bacteria, then they apply a tissue regeneration membrane that causes the growth of protein and gum tissue to heal the affected part and restore functionality and appearance.


Gum recession is a condition that often leads to larger complications if not treated early.

Therefore, if you are suspicious of your dental health and you think your gums are receding, it is important to seek help.

Consult with us today for proper diagnosis and effective treatment procedures.

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