Holistic Dentist Santa Clarita

Does your current dentist feel incompetent?

Like his procedures are not solving your dental issues but instead giving you more reasons to visit the dentist in the future?

You should try a Holistic Dentist for a change.

This is a different kind of practitioner who looks forward to not just treating the symptoms of your dental problems but rather, finding the major cause of the issue and treating it specifically.

This way you get better quality in treatment.

We do not use any BPA (Bisphenol A) in our office, as it has been shown to be disruptive to the endocrine system in several studies.

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    Why do you need a Holistic Dentist?

    Unlike the traditional dentist, a Holistic Dentist aspires not just for your dental well-being but also your overall body wellness.

    A holistic dentist will not just want to treat your bleeding gums.

    They will go the extra mile and find out if there is an underlying condition causing the bleeding gums.

    Bleeding gums are also often linked to medical conditions such as diabetes. Simple treatment of the bleeding gums may not solve the underlying issue.

    Subsequent tests are required to diagnose any underlying conditions and treat them.

    It is this concept that has led our distinguished dental clinic, Smile Care Valencia, to introduce Holistic Dentistry to our patients.

    Holistic Dentistry Practices

    Our holistic dentist practices greatly differ from traditional dentists. The holistic practice also discourages the use of metal fillings.

    Metal fillings have been in use for many years, but recent research has shown that metal fillings are not safe at all for humans.

    This is due to the mercury in the fillings which has many adverse effects on human health. Our holistic dentist has not only eliminated all amalgam metal fillings from our practice but also spreads awareness of risks associated with the same.

    Fluoride treatments are also a bone of contention with Holistic Dentists as they have been proven to complicate further dental matters such as by increasing the risk of tooth decay.

    Make the switch today!

    Most holistic dentists began as traditional dentists, but they switched to the more beneficial holistic approach after realizing the faults with conventional options. It is wise for you to follow this road as well and improve the quality of dental services you get.

    With our practice, you can be sure to regain not just your physical dental health.

    Your emotional well-being is also our concern as we aspire to give you an all-around great experience.

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