Oral Health Care & Dentistry in Santa Clarita

There is a wide array of oral health care practitioners that could at one point or the other get involved in caring for your mouth, teeth, or even gums. The whole dentistry Santa Clarita industry is quite extensive and requires one to be in the know so as to ensure they pick the right oral health care provider for their issues.

A good place to start would be to visit a high rate dental clinic for emergency services, such as the renowned Smile Care Valencia facility. Here you get immediate care after which you will be required to visit a specialist for further examination. To this regard, below is a brief description of the most common oral healthcare providers in the region and the kind of services they offer.

A General Dentist

As the name suggests, this is the primary source for dental care. Usually, these kinds of doctors diagnose your condition after a thorough examination and treats. In some cases, they could be forced to refer you to a specialized oral doctor for specialized treatment. Nonetheless, they are the best place to start for common dental services including root canals, preventive advice, bridges, crowns, gum care, and fillings. At Smile Care Valencia, we have some of the most qualified dentists in California. Make a point of visiting whenever you need quality, reliable oral health treatment.

Oral Radiologist

In the dentistry Santa Clarita industry, an oral radiologist is one who takes and interprets all dental X-ray images. Moreover, they assist patients in diagnosing, as well as managing, all kinds of maxillofacial and oral disorders.


This kind of dental specialist only deals with injuries or diseases involving oral nerves and dental pulp. He/she is majorly covered with the diagnosis, root cause, treatment, management and prevention of such disorders. Therefore, they are qualified to undertake even the most complicated root canal procedures as well as other types of surgical root operations.


This is another specialty of dentistry Santa Clarita that deals with what is commonly referred to as bad bites, also termed as malocclusions. Ever so often, people find themselves reeling in pain from self-inflicted accidental bites to the tongue, teeth or other surrounding oral parts. However, these injuries are not always caused by bites. Some other causes include crowded teeth, misalignment of the jaws, or missing teeth/tooth. In such cases, orthodontist within the dentistry Santa Clarita industry carry out a number of corrective procedures including straightening of teeth by means of braces, bands or wires, and other corrective appliances.

Oral Medicine

This is arguably the most common specialty in as far as dentistry Santa Clarita is concerned. It offers care to patients by integrating other forms of oral health with medicine. As such, it focuses on the management of oral complications including candidacies, aphthous stomatitis, oral cancer, and many more. Also, oral medicine is used in other medical professions whereby it is used in the evaluation of complicated patients before undergoing delicate procedures such as cancer therapy, chemotherapy, and more importantly, open-heart surgery.

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