Our dental implant surgical procedures

Dental implants are a useful option to solve cases of tooth loss and other such associated conditions. They are titanium metal bars that are surgically implanted into one’s jawbone to provide the basic support required by replacement teeth or dentures.

The metal used in this procedure is generally safe and has no adverse effects on the patient. They are similar to those used in joint replacement surgery. Smile Care Valencia is a qualified dental practice that offers dental implant surgical procedures among our other services.

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Dental implants Vs. Dentures/Bridges

Dental implants are a far much better option compared to dentures and bridgework procedures. Since they are inserted in the jawbone, they are secure and stable.

There is no risk of them slipping or falling out of the mouth which would be embarrassing for you. This also means that there will be no unnecessary shifting in the mouth which often happens with dentures.

They are thus comfortable for the patient as they feel natural. Dental implants also support bone replacement cycle which stops bone loss which would cause loss of teeth. All the more reason why dental implants are the better option.


The procedures we do at Smile Care Valencia involve three scheduled appointments.

During the first session, you will undergo surgery where the implants will be inserted into the jawbone. Our dentists use both local and general anesthesia for the procedure to avoid pain during the operation. Depending on the number of implants being inserted and the duration of surgery the oral surgeon will choose the preferred anesthesia for you. While local anesthesia numbs but keeps you awake during the procedure, under general anesthesia, you are completely out. During the second appointment, the dentist inserts abutments on the dental implants.

By this time the gums have healed and covered the implants. Sometimes minor surgery may be done at this stage while fixing the abutment on the implant. The dentist will also take an impression of your teeth and send it to the lab where the crowns are developed.

When you come in for the third and final appointment, the crowns will be available for fixing onto the abutments. The crowns are expertly positioned in line to give a natural fit and feel. After this procedure, you leave our clinic with your replacement teeth, and you are confident to smile to the public again.

Dental Implants are the Best Option

Make the switch today and opt for dental implants Santa Clarita for your reconstructive dental procedures. In addition to the advantages that they have over other methods, they easy to care for.

They are just as easy to care for as normal natural teeth. With the usual practice of oral hygiene in brushing and flossing, as well as dental visits every six months for checkups, you can be sure to enjoy the same benefits as natural teeth. The implants are also a long-lasting solution as with proper care they last just as long as natural teeth.

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