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Dental cavities are also known as dental caries, and they are a common problem affecting people all over the world yet they can be easily prevented.

When you eat food, it is broken down by bacteria in the mouth, and the result is an acid that is capable of damaging the tooth’s surface thus leading to cavities.


Causes of Dental Cavities

There are generally two types of cavities, depending on where they are spotted. The first type is an occlusal cavity that appears on the top surface of the teeth. This is the surface actively involved in chewing, and it comes in direct contact with food.

The other type is an interproximal cavity that forms in between the teeth. These are areas where bits of teeth remain when we do not practice proper hygiene. The bacteria act on the sugar particles left by foods and the acid produced as waste causes wearing off of the enamel thus causing holes on the tooth. The acid then, through these holes, penetrate the tooth and destroys it from the inside out.


There are four main methods of treatment that are used in treating cavities. They are fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, and extractions where the affected tooth is removed to avoid spreading of the infection to other teeth thus stopping the cavities. Root canal therapy involved the cutting of the nerve joining the crown to the root.

This is performed in situations where the cavity is minor, and thus the affected tooth can be saved from extraction. The dentist will clean the affected area and remove all the decay as well as the dead nerves. This will avoid spreading of the decay and avoid further damage to the crown. The third option that our professional dentists at Smile Care Valencia employ are teeth fillings. Fillings are the most common solution for dental cavities.

In their application, the dentist drills the surface of the affected tooth and gets rid of the clogged decay and bacteria.

The dentist then fills the affected area with appropriate fillings to maintain the structure of the tooth.

Depending on the teeth affected, the dentist may choose to use fillings of composite resin that are the color of teeth and blend with the natural teeth to restore a perfect smile.

However, if the fillings are to be put on the back teeth, the dentist would opt for other filling material stronger than the composite resin.

Crowns are also used as a remedy for cavities in cases where a significant part of the tooth has been damaged. After the dentist removes the damaged parts, they cover the remaining bits of teeth with dental crowns.


Proper hygiene is the best preventive measure for dental cavities, and you can be sure to avoid such complications if you are keen to maintain proper hygiene. Our dentists recommend brushing of the teeth at least twice daily for 2 minutes.

Flossing after brushing the teeth will also be helpful especially if you’ve been eating sugary foods. This removes the particles stuck between the teeth and reduces the occurrence of cavities.

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