Dental Bonding Santa Clarita

Dental bondings are a very affordable form of dental cosmetics that are used in various dental procedures. As compared to other dental cosmetics that we offer at Smile Care Valencia, dental bondings provide the most convenience regarding time and cost of treatment.

Dental Bonding Santa Clarita refers to a composite material that is placed on the teeth to either conceal the tooth or protect the tooth from damage. Most dentists can use dental bondings on dental treatments since it is easily made without the need for a dental lab. We usually use dental bondings for performing various dental treatments including cosmetic procedures.

When are dental bondings requested?

Dental bondings Santa Clarita are mostly used for protective purposes. The dental bonding is usually applied on the tooth to cover it from further damage or conceal the tooth from exposing chips and cracks. Dental bondings are very convenient in cosmetic dentistry and are mainly used alongside other dental procedures.

At Smile Care Valencia, we also offer dental bondings for making teeth longer and filling spaces between teeth. This is mostly done for its aesthetic change of the smile in general. When getting dental bonding for your teeth, you won’t have to worry about any criteria of treatment since bondings do not require any special qualifications.


Treatment with dental bondings Santa Clarita does not take long since the procedure is simple and straightforward. Most times, we do not offer anesthesia for dental bondings treatment. However, if the bonding is being done on a decayed tooth, slight anesthesia may be used.

For the best dental bondings in the region, visit us at Smile Care Valencia and get dental bonding in just a single dental session. In the dental session, the dentist will perform the following procedures.

How it is done

On your visit to our dental clinic, the dentist will first examine the shade of your teeth using a shade guide. This will help in determining the shade of the dental bonding so that the bonding is a similar shade with the tooth.

After selecting the shade, the dentist then starts working on the tooth. He may use special dental equipment to etch and ridge the surface of the tooth to make the composite stick to the tooth enamel. After this, the dentist applies a special liquid that improves the adhesion of the dental bondings.

The dentist will then take the composite material which at this point is in paste form and apply it on the tooth. The paste is applied, shaped and made even such that it matches with adjacent teeth. The dentist after that uses a special light to harden the composite bonding by directing the light on the bonding.

Finishing up

You may have to wait a few minutes before the composite bonding fully hardens. After hardening, the dentist examines the positioning of the bonding and if necessary shapes and trims the bonding to fit perfectly.

The dentist will finally polish the dental bonding to make it shine like other teeth. After getting dental bondings Santa Clarita, we recommend that you maintain regular oral hygiene to preserve the state of the dental bonding. This will help to avoid stains and maintain the shade of the bonding.

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