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Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth replacement options have expanded dramatically in recent years thanks to advances in dental technology. Dental implants are among the most popular tooth replacement treatments performed at our dental clinic. Our Santa Clarita office provides all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants for patients with severe tooth loss. These procedures give patients the chance to regain a beautiful smile in a short timeframe. The latest dental technology allows teeth to be placed in a single appointment at a lower cost than multiple individual implants. This remarkable solution lets patients with missing teeth obtain a complete set of permanent teeth without the hassle of dentures or bridges. Patients who need to replace an entire arch or more than three teeth may benefit from all-on-4 dental implants in Santa Clarita. This technique replaces a full complement of teeth using less implant support compared to conventional implants.


What to Expect with All-on-4 Implants

The all-on-4 system provides a viable full mouth restoration solution for patients with significant tooth loss. The procedure involves strategic placement of four dental implants to securely support a full arch of teeth . Performed correctly, this technique is safe, effective and can often be completed in one day. The custom-fitted prosthetic may be made of ceramic, acrylic or composite resin materials. Patients can begin using their new all-on-4 restorations quickly in appropriate cases. Minimal bone grafting is required since the implants are placed at an angle to maximize remaining bone. The prosthetic teeth are custom-designed for a natural look and feel. With proper oral hygiene and care, patients can enjoy their beautiful new smile for many years.

Cost of All-on-4 Implants

The cost of all-on-4 treatment depends on several factors. This solution is designed to last much longer than removable dentures. Our office offers multiple payment options as well as financing plans to affordably fit all-on-4 implants into your budget. Some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost as well, which we can check for you. If insurance is unavailable, other financing solutions may be within reach. To understand the cost, consider that a single dental implant typically costs around $3,500 per tooth. At first glance, this may make the price of a full-arch restoration seem prohibitive. However, an entire set of replacement teeth is obtained. All-on-4 implants also last much longer than other tooth replacement options like dentures. While the upfront cost is higher, the value over time is greatly extended. This life-cycle cost perspective must be factored in. Other variables like material selection can impact the final price. Additional preparatory procedures may be required to prevent complications and ensure success.

Benefits of All-on-4 Implants

The all-on-4 solution offers immense benefits for patients with missing teeth, gum disease or advanced decay. The implants provide exceptional stability for confident chewing, speaking and smiling. The prosthetic teeth mimic natural teeth in comfort and aesthetics. Additional advantages include:

• Immediate smile restoration and full function in many cases

• Improved self-confidence for social activities

• Significantly lower cost than individual implants

• Matching implant-supported teeth for a natural appearance

• No lengthy healing or waiting periods to use the teeth

• Potentially avoids bone grafting procedures

• Restorations precisely fit for optimal comfort

• Easy maintenance with proper oral hygiene practices

We generally recommend all-on-4 implants for patients requiring replacement of more than one tooth. The convenience and cost savings make it an attractive option compared to conventional implants. For patients with extensive tooth loss, all-on-4 can provide an ideal restorative solution.

Comparing All-on-4 to Dentures and Single Implants

Single dental implants and removable dentures have inherent disadvantages that can be overcome with all-on-4 implants. Single implants only replace individual teeth. Dentures often have problems with loose fit, slipping and limitations in eating. All-on-4 provides a fixed full-arch restoration for total function and confidence.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Many dental insurance plans help cover all-on-4 treatment costs. Contact us or your insurance provider to verify your coverage. Speaking with a representative is the best way to determine if all-on-4 implants are included in your policy.

Well-known companies like MetLife, Humana, Cigna, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield often provide some level of all-on-4 dental implant coverage.

Patient Feedback

The vast majority of our all-on-4 patients have expressed satisfaction with their treatment outcome and would recommend it to others due to the exceptional results. For high-quality all-on-4 implants in a caring, gentle environment, contact our Santa Clarita office. Our experienced dentists can address your unique needs and expectations. We recommend all-on-4 solutions because of the quick return to full dental function. To learn more about all-on-4 implants or schedule a consultation, please call us today. We look forward to providing you with a beautiful, confident smile.

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