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Tooth replacement has grown dramatically in recent years. With improved technology in dental treatment, there are better ways of performing tooth replacement that is more effective and easier.

Dental implants are one of the most popular dental tooth replacements that we perform at our dental clinic. With the different types of dental implants available, you can choose any dental implant that will best suit you.

If you intend on replacing a set of teeth or more than three teeth, you can opt for the All on 4 Santa Clarita dental implants.

These implants are designed to replace a whole set of teeth while using less support as compared to single dental implants. For the best all on 4 treatments, you can visit us at Smile Care Valencia. We have proficient dentists who can cater to any of your dental issues.

What to expect when getting all on 4 implants?

As compared to regular dental implants, all on 4 provide you with a better treatment experience. At Smile Care Valencia, we recommend all on 4 treatment due to the ease of using your teeth after the procedure.

After getting all on 4 Santa Clarita implant, you can start using your teeth as soon as possible. This is mostly possible for people who aptly fit the criteria for all on 4 treatment.

Unlike regular dental implants, all on 4 implants do not require a bone graft even if the underlying jawbone is weak. With all on 4 implants, our oral surgeons place four implants that support the dental crowns from different parts of the dental structure.

This makes it easier to use the strongest part of the jawbone when fixing the implant roots into the jawbone.

Benefits of all on 4 implants

Dental implant surgery can take a very long time to heal fully. Depending on the number of teeth being replaced, you may need to wait for more than 4 months for the site to heal completely.

However, for all on 4 Santa Clarita implants, you don’t have to wait for the tooth to heal. By tilting the posterior roots, our oral surgeons can prevent the need for a bone graft and make the implant functional in no time. Getting a collective implant is better than getting a single implant since it cuts down on the cost of treatment.

We usually recommend all on 4 implants for individuals who want to replace more than one tooth because it is less expensive but offers more convenience. All on 4 implants also offer convenience in that you are able to get a new set of teeth in no time. For people with tooth loss conditions, all on 4 implants are the best treatment solution.

Customer reaction to all on 4 implants

Almost every single patient we have treated with all on 4 implants expressed satisfaction on the result of the treatment. Most of them also approved that they would recommend this treatment to their friends and family due to its effectiveness and impressive results.

You can contact us today at Smile Care Valencia to get the best all on 4 implants in the city.

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