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Teeth in one day is a concept that today is no longer a wild idea in people’s mind. With recent advancements in technology in the medical field, we are able to not only replace one tooth but even a whole set all in one day.

Depending however with the number of teeth to be replaced, different patients may undergo different procedures to achieve the desired results.

Smile Care Valencia is an institution dedicated to ensuring your dental health is at its optimum and your smile is as good as it gets.

As such, if you recently lost a tooth or many, our qualified dentists will take you through a restorative procedure where you will be fitted with new replacements to bring back your smile and confidence.

Tooth implants


Depending on the nature of the job to be done on your teeth, the procedure you will undergo may differ with what someone else may get. However, there are three main steps involved, and whichever procedure the oral surgeon may choose, they will follow the same guidelines.

The first stage will involve an oral analysis where the dentist will note the extent of work to be done and make a perfect plan for the operation. This is followed by a surgical procedure where the dentist sets dental implants in place, and the final step involves the dentist attaching the replacement crowns onto the implants. Following the procedure, you will have a fully restored smile with all the teeth perfectly in place, giving you a smile you need to boost your confidence out there.


It is during this assessment stage that the dentist gets all the necessary details concerning your dental health, several missing or affected teeth, the size of the crowns as well as the jawbone structure. This stage involves scans and x-rays to give a detailed image of how your mouth looks.

That way the surgeon will be able to determine the position of the nerves in the gum and also establishing whether the surrounding matter-lips and face are able to handle the replacements and implants. The dentist will also take molds of your teeth to come up with the specific measurements to be used in the manufacturing of the crowns.

Implants & Replacements

If the old teeth need extraction first, this is done in the second stage following the analysis.

The teeth are extracted, and immediately after, a surgical procedure is done to place the dental implants for support.

We use computer-aided simulations in placing the implants to ensure they fit perfectly and in the right position.

During this procedure, depending on the number of teeth affected, you may be put under general or local anesthesia.

Once the implants have been fixed in place, our dentist attaches temporary crowns to cover the gaping holes.

The temporary crowns are just like your natural teeth, and they blend in perfectly with the other teeth, giving you the best teeth in one day experience.

You will, however, need to keep in touch with your dentist so you can know when the permanent crowns will be available for you.

By then you will have completely healed, and the implants will have bonded with the jawbone to give strong support.

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