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In the majority of cases, tooth extraction is an undesirable experience and the not-preferred method of treatment for most people.

Even the dentists themselves only opt for extractions in severe cases that leave extraction as the only remedy for a dental condition.

Dentists at Smile Care Valencia are highly qualified, and with their caring attitude, they have tried their best to ensure that extractions are simple and convenient for you, minimizing the stress and pain that are commonly associated with extractions.

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Reasons for Extraction

There are several reasons that would lead one into opting for a tooth extraction.  The most common reason for extraction is the presence of a badly damaged tooth either due to trauma or decay.

Patients with a crowded mouth also have the dentist performing extraction procedures as some of the teeth may be extracted paving the way for an orthodontic surgery. If the tooth is infected, the dentist may also have to remove it. Infection mostly occurs when the bacteria on the tooth reaches the pulp of the tooth and touches the nerves and blood vessels.

Sometimes this can be solved by a root canal, but if the damage is too much, an extraction would not be avoided.

What to expect?

The first thing to expect from our surgeons at Smile Care Valencia is the administering of anesthesia. The preferred one is local anesthesia which numbs the affected area and reduces the pain experienced.

However, in more complex procedures, you may be put under general anesthesia which will keep you unconscious during the entire period of treatment. In the case of impacted teeth, the dentist will cut through the gum tissue to reveal the entire tooth. Then the dentist grabs the tooth, and by slowly rocking it back and forth, they pull it from the gum.

Some teeth tend to be difficult to extract, and they need to be removed in bits. Once the tooth has been removed, the dentist will ask you to hold a piece of cotton wool on the open socket to stop bleeding.

Tell the Dentist

There are several things that your dentist should know before tooth extraction. Such information is like medications you are currently taking and your medical history.

The dentist should be made aware if there are existing conditions such as heart defects, man-made heart valves, impaired immune system, and the presence of artificial joint, and liver disease.

Such conditions may affect the treatment procedure, and care is needed in handling such.


Following a successful extraction, our dentist will administer painkillers for use once the anesthesia wears off.

You should also bite on firmly onto the cotton pad on the open socket till bleeding stops. You may also notice swelling around the area of operation, but this should disappear soon.

Placing ice cubes on the affected area will however reduce much inflammation. It is also advisable to take a break after the extraction, preferably 24 hours.

During this period you should be extra gentle on the open socket, and you should avoid forcefully spitting or rinsing the mouth as it may affect the clotting on the socket causing bleeding.

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