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Ceramic restoration use in dentistry has been a preferred option of treatment for many people worldwide. This is due to the aesthetic effect it has due to their white color which perfectly blends with the natural color of the teeth. No one wants a treatment option that will leave them looking awkward and unnatural in front of people.

This is the reason why today, unlike in past years where the dental ceramics made of porcelain would be reinforced with metallic linings, recent advancements have completely eliminated the metal bits, working with all ceramic (metal free) restorations.

This has been the preferred option available at our Smile Care Valencia for the few recent years, and the effect it has had on our clients is immense. This article discusses some of the available options we offer at our dental practice as well as a look at the advantages that this new method has in contrast with the traditional metal free dental restorations.

Ceramic Braces

Types of Ceramic (metal free) restorations

Though the metal restorations have the added advantage of strength and stability as compared to ceramic restorations, there has been a demand for the ceramic restorations due to their aesthetic advantages. The different kinds available are categorized into two main categories depending on the ceramic core used. The first category is that of ceramics with a translucent core with the example of leucite core ceramics.

The other category is characterized by an opaque core, and some of the examples we have at our practice include the disilicate lithium core and zirconia core-based ceramics. For the leucite core ceramics, Smile Care Valencia offers the newly advanced IPS Empress Esthetic. This is a glass ceramic with a leucite core.

The results provided are perfect as they allow the ceramics to blend in with the other natural teeth thus reducing chances of other people noticing the treatment.

We also have another type of ceramics available – IPS e.max which is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic. The density of lithium adds to the strength properties of the ceramics thus providing the advantage of strength, stability as well as durability.

The opacity of the cement also ensures that the cement lining is not visible thus providing the aesthetic effect desired. Apart from these two examples, our practice is also stocked with other options falling under each category, and once you visit us, depending on the nature of your case as well as your desired effect, our dentist will be at a position to recommend a suitable option for you.


Though metal-free restorations offer perfect aesthetics which are the desired effect of the majority of people, they are not as strong as the metallic options. With the many available metal-free options, the dentist, based on the properties offered by both will be able to select the perfect option for you.

Whether you get opaque or translucent restorations, the effect will be a perfect smile that will have catered for both your appeal as well as maintaining the stability and strength of the crown.

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