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Snoring is a condition characterized by a grunting sound while one sleeps. It is a common condition mostly affecting men and people that are overweight, and it is a condition likely to be a nuisance to your partner.

Various factors may contribute to snoring, and some of them are discussed below. If you or your partner are experiencing snoring, seeking medical intervention from a qualified dentist or oral surgeon to look into ways to reverse the condition.

Smile Care Valencia is one such established practice capable of solving this worry for you.

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Snoring occurs when there is obstruction of free air flow through the mouth and nasal cavity, thus affecting the breathing process. Several reasons may cause this obstruction and lead to snoring.

Some people experience snoring only during certain seasons when they get allergies. This causes obstruction along the nasal airways. The nasal obstruction can also be caused by a sinus infection or growth or deformities of the nose. A poor muscle tone of the tongue and throat can also cause snoring. The tongue muscles can sometimes get too relaxed, thus falling back into the airway and causing obstructions.

Most overweight people are also likely to have bulky throat tissue which would cause obstruction along the airways and cause snoring. Another reason would be a long soft palate and uvula.

This is the small dangling tissue in the back of the mouth. Vibration around that region during breathing may also obstruct the air and cause snoring.

Health Risks

There are several health risks associated with snoring and that is the reason why it is advisable to seek medical help in reversing the condition. The first risk is interruptions during the breathing process. This is bound to occur for those few seconds but countless of times as you sleep.

The breathing interruptions may also cause discomforts and cause you to keep waking up at night. This is unhealthy as it affects your sleep pattern. The poor night’s sleep also lowers your productivity during the day. This is because the inadequate rest will leave you drowsy throughout the day thus straining at work. A simple and treatable condition as snoring can cause you even to lose a job! Besides the poor and interrupted night’s sleep, there are also heart-related effects of snoring.

The continued strain in breathing will eventually lead to high blood pressure which may cause enlarging of the heart. This is a major risk as it may increase chances of heart attack or stroke.

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    From the risks associated with snoring, it is only wise to visit a qualified oral surgeon for diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the nature of your condition and the factors contributing to the effect, our oral surgeon at Smile Care Valencia will recommend suitable and working procedures for you.

    Some of the conditions such as deformities may have to be solved through surgery and in the hands of our qualified practitioners, you can be sure of perfect treatments to reverse your condition.

    Visit us today and get back to experiencing healthy sleep.

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