How the Teeth in one day Procedure Works?

Teeth in one day Santa Clarita

Do you need to replace all of your teeth? Or maybe the entire lower or upper jaw? You are a perfect candidate for our newly introduced dental procedure, teeth in one day Santa Clarita. This is a solution for people in need of teeth replacement, and the good news is, regardless of the number of teeth to be replaced, the exercise can be achieved in just a single day. The procedure is fairly new as it had been made possible by recent advances in technology in the medical field. We advise you to visit our dental practice today, Smile Care Valencia, and have your teeth and smile restored for that fresh and appealing look.

How does the Procedure work?

The procedure is achieved in a few steps that our qualified dentists will take you through and after the operation, you walk out flashing your new amazing smile. With the use of computer-aided surgery, our oral surgeon will remove the existing teeth, insert dental implants and fix the replacement crowns. The steps involved have been explained below.


When you visit our practice, the initial step will include dental examination by our staff. The process involves an x-ray to show the anatomy of your mouth. That way the surgeon is able to know critical information such as the condition of your bone sinuses as well as the location of the nerves. Here the oral surgeon will also get an impression of your mouth and teeth. Using molds of your teeth they are able to determine the size of your teeth, which will be necessary for the preparation of your replacement teeth. They are also able to determine the structure of your mouth as well as establish whether the lip and facial structural support are able to handle the replacement set.


Following your oral examination, the information is sent to the lab where a surgical guide is established. Using computer simulation, the surgeon is able to determine the exact position to place the implants to support the teeth. The will then extract your teeth and insert the dental implants. You will be put under general anesthesia, which means you will be unconscious throughout the operation.

Replacement Teeth

After our oral surgeon has removed the teeth, they will get to placing temporary crowns onto the implants by use of abutments. The temporary crowns will take the place of the teeth which means that you confidently walk out of our clinic with your new smile. The temporary crowns will also facilitate the healing of the affected area. In the meantime, your permanent replacements are being prepared at our labs, and they will be available to you on your next appointment.

You will wear the temporary crowns for 3-6 months after which you will have completely healed and ready for the permanent ones. On the second appointment, the surgeon will remove the temporary crowns and screw the permanent ones into place. Following this, your treatment will be complete, and you will have a new set of artificial teeth that are just as efficient and strong as natural teeth.

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