Common services offered in general dentistry

Today, most people visit a dentist for health care services more than they do a doctor. Dentists play a significant role in preventing infections and assisting individuals in maintaining oral health. Dental illnesses affect a large number of the population in the city as well as throughout the country. This means that many people still seek general dentistry Santa Clarita on a day to day basis. Although general dentists do not perform surgical procedures, they are qualified for a variety of procedures that are similarly crucial in dental treatment and diagnosis. For the best dentist services in the region, you can consult Smile Care Valencia. They have a large number of dentists who are ready to treat any of your dental issues.

Procedures conducted in general dentistry

General dentists usually undertake more than half of the dental treatments requested in a dental clinic. With that in mind, it is evident that general dentists are skilled in a variety of methods and dental procedures. Some of these dental procedures include;

Cosmetic services

Cosmetic dentistry is usually concerned with improving the aesthetic quality of the teeth and smile. A general dentist can perform cosmetic services that transform your smile to a good-looking and attractive smile. Cosmetic services include smile makeovers, teeth whitening and bleaching, teeth alignment, dentures and plenty more. You can contact Smile Care Valencia to access some of the best cosmetic services in the city.

Preventive services

General dentists play a significant role in preventing the spread of infection and disease in teeth and oral structures. Attending regular dental check-ups can significantly increase one’s dental health. The dentist performs typically dental X-rays during check-ups which show any risks or dangers to your oral health. Similarly, general dentists also offer advice for home oral hygiene that is aimed at improving general dental health. In the event of cavities or tooth decay, the dentist can perform a variety of procedures to reduce or stop the spread of the decay including tooth filing and tooth cleaning. Such procedures go a long way in maintaining oral health among individuals. General dentists also recommend mouth guards and dental gear if the patient is living an active lifestyle.

Restorative procedures

General dentistry Santa Clarita incorporates restorative services like removing tooth decay. By removing tooth decay, the dentist returns the tooth to its original functioning. General dentists also take care of gum disease and infection and provide treatment meant to return the gum to its original strength and vigor. General dentists fix broken and chipped teeth as well making them look normal again by using either veneers or composite bonding. Fitting of dental crowns and bridges is also a common restorative procedure in General dentistry Santa Clarita.

Overall health

Maintaining good oral health can be influenced by other parts of the body like eating habits. By reducing your sweets intake, the general dentist not only preserves your dental health but also helps you in controlling diabetic habits. Similarly, food-related issues like cardiovascular conditions can be regulated by maintaining good oral health.

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