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When people think of surgery they think of a person lying in theatre under heavy machinery undergoing complex procedures. Probably for days on end. The site sounds horrid. However, this is rarely the case. Today surgical procedures are rather quick and straightforward, and they do not disrupt a lot of your daily routine. Visit us at Smile Care Valencia for quality oral operations.

We are proud to have the best oral surgeon Santa Clarita has to offer. Our surgeon is trained to open up patients’ gums and operate on them to solve common dental complications and restore functionality to your teeth, jaw, and mouth. There are some causes that may drive you to require oral surgery.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be simple or complex procedures depending on the nature of your cases. A specialized oral surgeon would be required if the tooth extraction is associated with delicate procedures warranting surgery. A common example is when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction. This is a common procedure for adults that have wisdom teeth partly impacted in the gums. This situation is painful and causes discomfort. Extraction of the wisdom teeth is a recommended solution and an oral surgeon is required in the procedure. Another cause for extraction could be a damaged tooth due to excessive decay. Our oral surgeon in Santa Clarita will extract the tooth and offer replacement options for you. This may mean insertion of dental implants which would involve a surgical procedure.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

We also refer to this as Orthognathic surgery. It involves surgery to the jay, to correct a number of faults that may affect the functionality of the mouth. Significant cases of jaw surgery are from trauma which may have led to a damaged or deformed jaw. Severe cases of TMJ disorders could also require surgery. Other conditions that may require the services of our oral surgeon Santa Clarita include malocclusion, excessive teeth wearing, difficulty in mouth movements as well as issues of incorrect jaw positioning.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have been proven to be a really effective solution for people with lost teeth. As such, they have become popular, and many patients are today enjoying their benefits. Our practice is equipped with sufficient technology and qualified personnel to give you specialized dental implant procedure to set the foundation for your new teeth and natural look and feel.

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Ours is a state of the art dental practice offering quality and specialized dental treatment for patients. Our oral surgeons are qualified and board-certified to operate in the US.

Our dentists have a wonderful record in the services they provide, and you can be sure that your dental concern is not a secluded case. We have also set a serene environment in our clinic to give you that feeling of peace and bliss.

The services we provided are branded as such to ensure you feel at ease and at home with us, keeping you comfortable during our operations.

Book an appointment with us today and let your dental woes be our concern.

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