Laser Dental Technology in Santa Clarita

LASER technology has been applied in dentistry since as early as the 1960’s due to its flexibility and a wide range of use. The term LASER stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation,’ and the multiple applications to both soft and hard tissue make it useful to laser dentistry Santa Clarita.

At Smile Care Valencia, for instance, there has been an ever increasing number of patients having laser whitening done. The laser beam can remove particles embedded in the hard enamel tissue during whitening as well as remove dental caries, preparing the cavity for filling and other restorative procedures.

Soft tissue manipulation by laser includes procedures such as uncovering impacted molars, healing and contouring the gums. Other applications of laser dentistry include;


In-Office teeth whitening

 Compared to other teeth whitening solutions that are sold over-the-counter like whitening gels, strips and trays, laser (in-office) whitening are faster and more effective. Teeth whitening is performed by applying a paste or gel that contains a bleaching agent to remove staining particles on the tooth surface. During laser whitening, the bleaching agent is activated or “cured” with a laser light that speeds up the bleaching process.

The average time for a laser dentistry Santa Clarita whitening procedure is 30 minutes to an hour. Typically the bleaching agent has a higher concentration, and a rubber dam will be placed to protect your gums from contact. For best results, several visits are necessary although a significant change can be noticed after the first session.


Hard tissue treatment

 Certain types of lasers, e.g., the Cr: YSGG and Er: YAG that are available at Smile Care Valencia have the correct frequency to cut and shape hard tissues like enamel. The enamel is the hardest material in the body and laser technology is the only viable option to precisely cut the hard material. Hence, the laser is used to remove dental cavities, prepare the tooth for dental fillings and also preparation for tooth canal procedures.

Using laser beams during dental fillings placement can eliminate the need for anesthesia and can be a good option for patients who can’t undergo normal anesthesia. It also prevents the tooth pulp from overheating although the overall time for the operation is increased and results can be unpredictable.


Soft tissue laser dentistry

 For soft tissue laser procedures, the CO2 laser is the most commonly used due to its applicability in this situation although diode laser and the Nd: YAG varieties are also utilized. The correct wavelength for soft tissue laser is the 10.6-micrometer wavelength laser because it cuts soft tissue as well as coagulates it all within the same period.

Another advantage of these laser dentistry Santa Clarita treatments is that the healing period is greatly shortened and homeostasis is restored relatively quickly. This type of treatment is used to cut a trough along the gums to reshape them or remove excess gum tissue. The laser is also used to cut out oral ulcers and treat periodontal disease by cutting out the infected gum tissue.

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    Laser Dental Technology in Santa Clarita

    LASER technology has been applied in dentistry since as early as the 1960’s due...

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