Teeth whitening Santa Clarita

Teeth whitening Santa Clarita  is a bleaching process which consists of whitening the teeth beyond the color they are present in. Hydrogen and carbamide peroxides are whitening agents used to lighten up your teeth, removing the yellow stains on your teeth.

Yellow stains on teeth may tend to deprive you of smiling, ease of speech delivery and other oral abilities which demand your display of enamel. However, you need not to worry as our dentists here at Smile Care Valencia will whitening your teeth to the maxima best. Our services are incredibly cost-effective and you may receive great discounts as well.

Reasons for discolored teeth

  • Aging- As you age, your enamel may start to wear out and the tissues can become thin. The white coloring tends to fade and the yellow stains may form.
  • Excessive amounts of fluoride. Fluorine increases the chance of yellow stains on the teeth.
  • The use of pharmaceutical drug, tetracycline.
  • Smoking tobacco.
  • Excessive consumption of tea and coffee.
  • Consuming alcohol.
  • Lack of teeth cleaning.
  • Not observing proper oral hygiene.


Ideal candidates for the process

Persons who have discolored teeth or a yellow coloring on their teeth respond best to this treatment. If your teeth possess a dull brown color or blackish you will be scheduled for a teeth whitening session with our dentists here at Smile Care Valencia. Candidates with bacterial stains and the less whiter teeth respond well to the dental treatment as well.

Individuals who suffer from the following dental drawbacks do not stand a chance with the process of teeth whitening. Such limitations are:-

  • Fractured teeth.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Gum diseases.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Misshaped teeth.
  • Gaps between enamel.

However, our dentists may schedule you for other effective dental treatment options within our clinic.


Advantages of teeth whitening Santa Clarita

  • Smile makeover.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Overall oral appearance is improved.
  • Improved oral maintenance of the teeth.
  • Ease of speech delivery.
  • Healthier teeth.

Setbacks of teeth whitening Santa Clarita

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks. Sensitivity may also increase as you consume some types of foodstuffs.
  • Enamel damage.
  • Specified only for a certain group of people. This may include persons with properly aligned and shaped teeth. Individuals who have severe medical conditions are not deemed as ideal candidates for the whitening procedure.
  • Short durability period. Teeth whitening may only last for two to three years after which you will require the treatment again.
  • You are prompted to observe a certain type of diet and you are advised to keep of high acidic foodstuffs.

Taking care of the whitened teeth

You are recommended to observe oral hygiene to the brim. This includes brushing twice daily. You are also requested to floss frequently as to get rid of any food remains between teeth which may harness infections that boost yellow stains.

You should visit our dental clinic, Smile Care Valencia quite often. This is to help the dental practitioner to follow-up on the effectiveness of the teeth whitening Santa Clarita procedure.

Precaution: You should not try teeth whitening at home with organic remedies. The remedy you abide to might tend to destroy your enamel and having your teeth falling off. One out of five hundred cases have been reported for teeth falling off.

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