Performing Dental Implants Santa Clarita

Dental Implant is a breakthrough in the field of dentistry, and it is well embraced by many people, as it adds more value to their lives.  It is a procedure performed by a reconstructive dentist, a will trained dental practitioner and have the expertise in reconstructive surgery. A dental implant is a complicated procedure, but, if performed by an experienced reconstructive dentist, it will result in a brighter smile to the patient.

Dental implants are just a new replacement for missing teeth.  It is composed of the ff:

  • The crown which is usually a ceramic material which will be formed like a tooth.
  • The connector which secures the crown’s hold to the base and the
  • The base which is like a screw that is screwed to the bones to create stability.

The characteristics of an implant

  • Surgically attached to the jawbone.  An implant is surgically attached to the jawbone, which will allow permanent mounting of a replacement tooth and even a new bridge.
  • Permanent.  Because an implant is surgically attached to the jawbone, it is permanent.
  • Titanium material.  The implant is usually made of titanium materials.
  • Cannot be loosened.  An implant cannot be loosened. Because it is not attached or anchored to other teeth in the area.


The procedure

  • The dentist will make a small hole by drilling the jawbone and right after, screw the base to it.
  • The next thing for the dentist to do is placing the gum to the implant and allowed to heal.
  • After the implant has healed, the dentist will again perform a second surgery.  This time to install the connector to the implant.
  • Then the crown will be mounted on top of the connector.


Does an implant last forever?

There is no such thing as evermore in this world.  Everything in this world has an expiration period. It is the same with implants.  But, implants can last 25 years or more.

However, some factors determined its longevity.  Here are some of those:

  • The way you take care of it.  This is a determining factor of its lifespan.  Implants need to brush, cleanse, floss and need to be check by a dentist regularly.
  • Proper usage.  Chewing hard food or using your tooth to open anything is a contributing factor to implant damage.  Avoid such things, to make you implant last longer.
  • The way it is mounted. Another factor to consider is the way your dentist performed the procedure.  If your dentist did it right, it should be able to handle stress, and it will last longer.
  • Your way of living. You are what you eat or what you do. Just as simple as that.


Dental implants in Santa Clarita

Dental implant in Santa Clarita is not a problem at all.  Smile Care Valencia is at your service.  They are just in the neighborhood, offering dental implant and a wide range of dental procedures to the people in the area. More in sequence about them can be found at They have what it takes to be your dental care provider.  With the passion and the holistic approach they demonstrated, who can be above them.

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