Types of cosmetic dentistry at smiles care Valencia

Cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita

Reduced appearance of your dental formula might make you have low self-esteem. Discolouration of your teeth as a result excess fluoride intakes, misshaped teeth, bad breath, misaligned teeth, missing teeth and poorly structured teeth that have been fractured, broken or chipped off can make you have a reduced overall oral appearance, hampering you a buzz of activities such as chewing properly, smiling, speech delivery and lifestyle.

But you do not need to worry anymore since here at smile care Valencia we have a skillful and professional expertise cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita who will address all your aesthetic dental concerns.

Types of cosmetic dentistry at smiles care Valencia

  1. Composite bonding- This refers to repairing of damaged or discolored teeth using porcelain that resembles the exact color of the enamel.
  2. Implants- According to cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita, implants are placed as a replacement of missing teeth.
  3. Teeth whitening. For discolored teeth, cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita tends to remove the bacterial plaque stains or bleach the teeth to arrive at a lighter shade of the teeth or achieving pearl whiter teeth.
  4. Dental veneers- Damaged enamel, crooked and cracked teeth as well as gaps between two teeth can be fixed dental veneers to the front of each tooth using dental adhesives- this is used to preserve the teeth.
  5. Onlays and inlays- They are made from composite resin materials and attached to the teeth with dental adhesives to restore the shape of the teeth and avoid further deterioration.

Cost cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita

We offer affordable rates here at smiles care Valencia for our clients. Usually, our charges for cosmetic modifications range from $70 to $1,000 depending on various factors. The factors include the type of dental concerns, the resin materials to be used, anesthesia to be used, the skill and expertise of the cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita, location of treatment, the number of dental procedures to be performed and the depth of the dental issue.

Advantages of cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita


  1. Improved smile. Cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita will tend to remove all the bacterial plaque on your front surface of the teeth and turn them into beautiful and pearl white. This will harness your smile confidence level.
  2. Improved speech. You will not have to worry about poorly structured or misconfigured teeth that attribute to low self-esteem.
  3. Chewing properly. In the case of widened gaps or missing teeth, the cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita will address the issue and help you regain proper chewing and eating easily.
  4. Improved alignment of the teeth. Misshaped teeth or teeth with different sizes will be corrected at smile care Valencia and your dental appearance will be improved.

Disadvantages of cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita

  1. Tooth sensitivity tends to increase.
  2. Since it’s only the front surface of the teeth that are being handled, risks of other dental issues to develop is on the verge.
  3. No room to correct the error. Cosmetic veneers on fracture and chipping cannot be repaired.
  4. The process is irreversible.

When opting for cosmetic dentistry, pay us a visit at smiles care Valencia for quality dental services by our cosmetic dentist Santa Clarita.

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