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Braces are an effective solution when dealing with teeth alignment problems. However, they are not a popular option among many people due to their characteristic metallic nature. This has led to the invention of clear braces which are also known as ceramic braces. Unlike the traditional metal braces, clear braces are colorless and therefore do not shout for all to look and stare. However, contrary to popular belief, clear braces are not the same as invisible aligners.

Whereas both serve the same purpose, clear braces are just like the metal braces only that they are made of clear material. Clear braces Santa Clarita is the best option for conditions that can’t be solved perfectly by Invisalign aligners. We will discuss more clear braces below as well as look into how they differ from metallic braces and invisible aligners and also the ideal cases where their use is appropriate.

Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces

Whichever kind of braces you get, you can pretty much be sure of some discomfort. This will come especially during the dentist visits for fittings and adjustments which will leave you feeling rather sore. Though metal braces are more durable and are ideal for treating severe cases, they tend to be unpopular due to their metallic nature. No one wants to stay all day with metal links in the mouth.

Unlike metal braces clear braces are colorless and though they are still recognizable due to the wires, look more appealing. This is the main reason why clear braces are a more popular option to people today and why we stock them at Smile care Valencia.

Clear Braces vs. Invisible Aligners

Besides the fact that clear braces and invisible aligners are both barely noticeable and therefore maintain the desired natural color, they differ in many aspects. The first issue is on removability. Whereas Invisalign aligners can be removed, clear braces are fixed in the teeth. This means that the patient has to put a bit of effort in maintaining oral hygiene as they have a harder time brushing teeth.

The clear braces are also not as transparent as invisible aligners as they have the wires which are quite noticeable. Besides these, clear braces are able to the more severe cases that can’t be solved by invisible aligners. Some severe alignment conditions that require the clear braces Santa Clarita treatment are crossbites, malocclusions as well as badly crooked teeth.

Pros and cons of Clear Braces

The major advantage with clear braces is that they are aesthetically pleasing being made of translucent instead of metal brackets. Since they have no metal, they are also less irritating and painful than metal braces.

Besides these, the braces are made of quality material making them strong. The clear braces are however a more expensive option, and they may not be as effective as metal braces, but they sure will keep you comfortable and easier to smile.

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