Looking for a Dentist in Santa Clarita Area?

Smile care Valencia is headed by one highly qualified dentist, dr. Robert p. Hedvat.

Dr. Robert is the dentist Santa Clarita who works with his team to offer the best dentistry services in the area.

Dr. Robert is a dynamic dentist who offers almost all dentistry services.

He has gained experience and skills in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and biomimetic dentistry.


His dentistry backgrounds

Dr. Robert has gathered skills and knowledge in this field of dentistry from a wide background. He first acquired his degree in biology from the University of California. Later, he achieved a doctorate in dental surgery from the University of California, San Francisco. Afterward, he advanced his education in dentistry at the University of California, which offers dentists skills in complex and comprehensive dental treatment.

He has practiced his dentistry skills at smile care Valencia, where there is the use of high dental technology. In order to adapt to the advancing technology, he is constantly attending training to further his knowledge in dentistry. Apart from his dentistry qualification, this dentist Santa Clarita is compassionate, dedicated, caring and gentle.

If you want to meet this dentist, the following are the procedures to follow;


Make an appointment

At smile care Valencia, before you meet a dentist, you will first need to make an appointment. There are two ways in which you can make an appointment. Appointment can be done online or can be done manually. At the reception, booking forms will be downloaded for you to fill and hence uploaded online. The appointment forms will require you to fill in the day and the time to schedule your appointment.

There is other information that is required to be filled in the booking form, for instance, the contact information and health history. The dentist Santa Clarita normally advises his patients to make a prior cancelation of the appointment preferably 24 hours before the scheduled date, if they find it necessary.



On the scheduled date of appointment, the dentist will take you through the consultation process. This is a very important step before treatment. Dentist Santa Clarita will first hear from you the issues that you have. Thereafter, the dentist will examine your dental health thoroughly. This examination will involve interrogations to determine the root cause of the dental problem.

This examination also involves demonstration of good dental hygiene. The dentist offers his patients the best advice on how to take care of their oral health. During this session, the dentist will also give the patients the various ways in which his or her dental complication can be treated. The patients are as well guided by the dentist to choose the best dental treatment procedure.

Based on the patient’s examination, the dentist will be able to recommend the best dental procedure to take, one which involves less pain and heals faster.

You should visit this dentist Santa Clarita who is highly qualified, dedicated and passionate in his work. You will receive the best dental treatment that will make you smile as you come out of the clinic.

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