The procedure involved in fitting veneers

Veneers Santa Clarita

What are veneers? They are also termed as porcelain veneers. These are small fragile pieces of durable tooth-shaped porcelain that are fitted to the teeth. These porcelain veneers are custom made by professionals in a dental laboratory. These veneers are customized for different shapes and sizes depending on the patients’ dental structure or preferences.

Veneers Santa Clarita has been preferred by so many people for different reasons.


How do veneers work?

Clients require veneers for different reasons. Some clients want veneers to improve their looks and appearance. For this case, the veneers are bonded onto the front of the teeth. This will then leave the person with an attractive and good smile. When veneers are fitted, they change the persons’ teeth completely, hence improving the overall looks.

Veneers Santa Clarita is as well used as a dental treatment alternative. Instead of using crowns, sometimes veneers are best recommended. Once the veneers are fixed, they can last for as long as you wish given that you give them good care. However, if you are looking for restorative dentistry, veneers are not the best since they are not permanent hence you will be required to replace.


Why do people go for porcelain veneers?

People have different preferences and tastes. As a result, they have different needs. Same way, patients require porcelain veneers for different reasons. Veneers Santa Clarita is fixed for every client who requires the service no matter the individual’s purpose for the service. The dentist will fit the veneers for the cosmetic purpose for those people who would like to improve their appearance. In most cases, veneers are used to make the teeth look uniform, to look white and even to give the person a beautiful smile.

The other purpose of fitting the veneers is to treat certain dental complications. Such dental problems include crooked teeth, misshapen teeth, stained or discolored teeth, large or smaller teeth, uneven spaces, and chipped teeth. If you have any of the above dental problems, then it is time for you to visit the dentist at smile care Valencia to get veneers fixed.


The procedure involved in fitting veneers

To fix the veneers, you will need to make two visits. The first prior visit will involve teeth preparation. The preparation process will involve the shaping of the teeth surfaces and lightly buffing. Thereafter, the dentist will take the shape of the tooth or teeth to be fixed, and hence proceed to the lab to mold the veneer.

You will then make the second visit where the teeth will first be prepared by cleaning. The dentist will use special cleaning liquids to ensure that the teeth are free from germs. Once cleaned, the teeth will be coated with a bonding cement. The cement is used to hold the veneer onto the tooth. The bond between the teeth and the veneer is further hardened by the use of a special beam of light. After fixing the veneers properly, you will be given advice on how to care for the veneers.

Whether you want to improve your look or restore your tooth, visit today smile care Valencia to receive incredible service.

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