Common reasons for gum recession

Gum illnesses are a very common condition among children. Gum recession occurs when the gum that is at the base of the tooth begins diminishing and depleting. Receded gums tend to portray a very bad image and can easily taint your whole smile. For the best treatment for gum recession Santa Clarita, you can visit Smile Care Valencia.

They have a large number of dental specialists who offer various periodontal services. Gum recession is regularly treated by a periodontist since it is a gum related issue. If untreated, gum recession can cause accumulation of bacteria at the base of the tooth. The receded gum exposes the tooth to foreign material making you more vulnerable to infections and other dental illnesses like sensitive teeth.

Gum depression can be caused by a variety of factors some of which are not in the control of the dental patient. Nonetheless, treatment for gum recession is available regardless of the causative factor.

Grinding and clenching teeth

Grinding teeth together can cause gum recession in the long run. Grinding and clenching teeth, especially for children, puts a lot of strain on the gum and teeth making the gum grow poorly. Since the gum is strained a lot without relaxing, it becomes less and less effective and reduces in quantity. Over time, there is insufficient gum to cover the growing teeth. The best treatment for this condition is regular education on the dangers of grinding and clenching teeth.

Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are very common in children. Looking at the unregulated oral practices of most children, gum and tooth infections can be easily contracted to lead to dental complications. Infections on the gum can easily cause gum recession, Santa Clarita, if they spread to a large area. The bacteria from the infection can deplete the gum beneath the teeth exposing the teeth to foreign materials.

Gum recession that is caused by periodontal illnesses can be very dangerous since it may spread further affecting other parts of the gum. Dentists recommend immediate treatment for gum recession in order to avoid any effect on the teeth. Visit Smile Care Valencia today and get the best periodontal treatment within the city.


Gum recession can be caused by the genetic make-up of the individual. This usually occurs when one or both parents had gum recession which in turn means the child can also develop the dental condition. For parents who have children with receded gums, it is important for them to visit a dentist in order to prevent any further complications that may be caused by the condition. This will also help since early treatment of dental issues is always best for the most effective dental treatment.

Aggressive brushing

People who brush aggressively can cause gum recession by depleting the front gum. This is most common with children who are not conversant with the right ways of brushing teeth.

Brushing aggressively can deplete the gum especially if the toothbrush being used is rough and hard. In such a case, bleeding is also common since the vigorous action wears out the gum structure. Dentists from Smile Care Valenciarecommend that children should be well trained on how to brush their teeth and maintain oral hygiene.

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