What is Invisalign?

Santa Clarita Invisalign

It is now possible to correct your teeth alignment and get your much-desired smile-all without having to wear the ugly metal braces that are common with people attempting to correct their teeth alignment. Invisalign has invented clear aligners that serve the same purpose as metal braces with added benefits. A consultation with our dentists at Smile Care Valencia will determine whether the Santa Clarita Invisalign treatment is ideal for you.


This refers to a set of invisible aligners that are both comfortable and removable and are worn over the teeth. Their work is similar to that of braces of pulling the teeth and aligning them in the preferred position. They treat crooked teeth, undesired gaps in teeth, as well as issues of overbite, underbite, and crossbite. The invisible color of the aligners ensures they are not noticed by the rest of the people and this boosts your confidence as you are not shy to smile. The aligners are highly effective. They are made with 3D imaging which enhances precision. The aligners are custom made to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly and deal with their individual concerns.

Why would I want it?

The aligners are the best option for teeth alignment. For one their invisibility ensures that you do not have to wonder if people are seeing them and finding them unnatural. They are also comfortable in one’s mouths, unlike metal braces which give one the unnatural feeling of metals in the mouth. Since the Invisalign aligners can be removed, the patient is able to keep proper hygiene as they can brush or floss their teeth. The lack of metals in the mouth also means that the patient doesn’t have to constantly visit the dentist for adjustments. During the application procedure, the dentist also shows the patient a projection of how their teeth will look like after the treatment. This gives the patient a realistic expectation of how they will look like once the process is successful.

How does it Work?

The aligners are worn on a 2-week basis after which the patient visits the dentist for the next set of aligners in series. This is necessary since as the patient continues wearing them the teeth are being pulled into shape and are slowly moving, so a new set of aligners is needed for the process to continue to the desired effect.

The visit to the dentist is not necessary as the dentist can give the patient all the sets that they need and the patient will only have to change them every two weeks. For perfect results, you should wear them throughout only removing them while eating or brushing the teeth. You should, however, visit the dentist after six months to examine the progress of treatment.


Visit our offices and book an appointment with our dentist. Depending on the nature of the job to be done the dentist may recommend Invisalign aligners for you and with your consent, the procedure can begin straight away. Our clinic is up to standards, and our procedures are expert giving our patients the best Santa Clarita Invisalign experience.

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