What’s “General Dentistry”?!

General dentistry Santa Clarita

Smile care Valencia dentists undertake majorly the general dentistry Santa Clarita. General dentistry involves both preventive and diagnostic procedures. Normally, when you visit the clinic, you will first receive diagnostic procedures which involve examinations and consultations. Once you are done with the diagnostics, the dentist will then proceed to provide preventive treatment.

At smile care Valencia, you will meet a general dentist together with his team, who will carry out both the diagnostic procedures and the preventive procedures. General dentistry involves general procedures such as cleaning and even scaling. The following are some of the general dentistry procedures;


Restorative procedures

There are several procedures performed under restorative dentistry. These restorative procedures involve saving damaged teeth. This is one of the general dentistry Santa Clarita that is offered by the general dentist at smile care Valencia. Some of the general restorative procedures done include veneer placement and composite bonding.

The two procedures are used to salvage broken or chipped teeth. However, at some point, the teeth might be too damaged hence prompting other procedures such as tooth extraction and fixing of dentures. General dentist, however, cannot handle complex procedures such as dental surgery, therefore if such service is required the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon.


Preventive dental procedures

Preventive dentistry is a major task of a general dentist. This dentistry involves procedures aimed at avoiding oral diseases and complications. It is advisable to visit a dentist at least twice a year for general dentistry. General dentistry Santa Clarita involves oral health checkups. As a preventive procedure, dental cleaning helps to avoid certain dental infections, such as cavities that result from the accumulation of tartars and debris. Other preventive procedures performed by a general dentist include oral cavity examinations and x-rays.

Dental examinations help to detect cancerous growths on the gums and even the cheeks. When detected early, such growths can be cured, however, if it goes undetected till later stages, it becomes fatal. As a way of preventing dental problems such as decays, a general dentist normally applies sealants after cleaning the tooth. The sealants help to prevent further damage to the tooth.


Who is a general dentist?

For you to become a general dentist you must have a rich educational background in dentistry. It requires one to have completed undergraduate education in the field of dentistry to perform general dentistry Santa Clarita.

Before being an accredited general dentist, you must as well get a license from the American dental association. Moreover, a dentist must continue to have regular training in order to be updated on the new technological trends. Not only are basic training necessary but also additional specialized training being vital. Such trainings include cosmetic surgery and maxillofacial surgery. It is an added advantage to a general dentist to have such additional specialized trainings.

General dentistry Santa Clarita has been of help to so many people. The dentist has been able to prevent certain dental complications. Moreover, they have been able to treat several dental problems upon diagnosis. Ensure that you visit today to receive general dentistry services.

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