What you need to know about getting dentures

Dentures are a dental appliance that is used to cover spaces left by missing teeth. In tooth replacement, we usually recommend dentures Santa Clarita for people who do not want a permanent replacement. Dentures are very convenient since you can easily remove, adjust and fit them any time you want. Recently, dentures are being designed to be more comfortable and appealing as compared to previous types.

At Smile Care Valencia, you can get different types of denture selecting the one that fits you best. The dentist will do a dental check on your teeth and determine how best to fit the dentures for the maximum benefit.

How do they work?

Dentures Santa Clarita are designed for temporary use meaning they are not permanently set. Consequently, the wearer can remove and fit the dentures anytime they feel necessary. The denture is made of hard dental crowns which are stuck onto adjacent teeth forming a set of artificial teeth. The dental crowns are usually placed on top of the gum where the dental crowns appear like healthy teeth.

The dentist may have to remove any teeth on the dental structure that may obstruct the positioning of the denture. The denture is placed with a supporting frame both on top and under the structure.

The frame helps keep the denture in place along with the mouth tissues. After getting dentures, you can keep them on for a large part of the day except when sleeping and sometimes when eating. They help portray an attractive set of shining teeth.

Are dentures comfortable?

In your first days, you may find the dentures Santa Clarita being slightly uncomfortable. After about three to four weeks, the discomfort eases, and you begin getting used to the dental appliance in your mouth. The tongue and the cheek muscles become more flexible in holding the denture in place as you speak and perform other mouth activities.

At Smile Care Valencia, dentists recommend that you should wear the denture for most hours of the day to become used to the dental tool. This also helps in determining whether the dentures fit perfectly or if they have any sharps edges. If you experience any irritation and pain after getting dentures fixed, it is essential to visit a dentist immediately and get the issue resolved.

Care and maintenance of dentures

Before getting dentures Santa Clarita, you should know that they are quite fragile and can easily break. Dentists recommend using dentures with extreme caution not to break them when biting hard items. If possible, avoid eating with the dentures on to prevent any accidental damage. When cleaning the dentures always do so with a cloth underneath the dentures to avoid breaking them if they slip and fall.

You should always keep your dentures wet to avoid irritation in the mouth. Putting on dentures that are dry can be very uncomfortable and disturbing. It is essential to maintain regular dental hygiene by brushing the dentures daily. This will help remove any particles deposited on the denture.


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