Is there a practice of sedation dentistry in Santa Clarita?

Yes, sedation dentistry is widely practiced in the Santa Clarita area.  It is just like a standard procedure, but, in this case, the patient is put to sleep.

When you are about to go through a dental procedure, you must be honest to tell your dentist of your fears.  You fear the procedure, or you are uncomfortable with the dentist? This will make your dentist.

Decide if you should be put to sedation.  This is to eliminate the unnecessary effect of your fears and anxiety on the dentist performance.


Is Dental Sedation a solution?

Dental Sedation is a common practice among dental practitioners to eliminate fear and anxiety among their patients, who are about to undergo dental dealings.  It is often suggested by dentists or in some cases, the patients will request to be sedated.

Types of dental sedation available

There are some types of sedation available for the doctor to administer.  The following are:

  • Nitrous Oxide, more famous as laughing gas is a relaxing gas for patients during the procedure.  The patient is conscious during the procedure, but, he is relaxed because of the gas. The downside is that the effect quickly wears out when the patient stops breathing it.  Often, in this case, the patient is allowed to drive home.
  • Oral sedation will require you to take the tablet a day before the procedure or an hour before the procedure.  It all depends on the dentist. During the procedure, the patient is wakeful, but, they are so relaxed to notice what is going on. They may not be able to keep in mind what transpired during the procedure.  Most often, patients on oral sedation are not allowed to drive home. They need somebody to drive them home.
  • IV Sedation has to types:
  1. Twilight IV gives you the feeling of sleepiness, but, you are awake.  The dentist is even able to wake you up. You may not be able to remember the whole procedure.
  2. General anesthesia is administered only when the other sedation methods do not work for you.  But, in this case, the anesthesiologist is needed in administering it. You will also be hooked up to monitoring devices will the procedure is being performed.


The practice of sedation dentistry in Santa Clarita

Sedation dentistry is widely practiced in Santa Clarita.  But, it is not in Santa Clarita alone, but, in every modern city in the world.  In Santa Clarita, you can avail of sedation dentistry at

Smile Care Valencia.  They were in the area for years now and offering complete dental care to the people, which includes sedation dentistry.  Competent dental practitioners and professionals run them, and they used the latest technology in their procedure.  They combined passion and skills in this work. You can easily reach them at, and from there, you can check on their reputation and their beneficiaries. You can also find more of their expertise, while you scan their pages.

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