Why go for teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening Santa Clarita

At Smile Care Valencia, we offer an extensively wide variety of oral health care services with one of the most sought after being teeth whitening Santa Clarita. This is a process through which dentists lighten one’s teeth and get rid of discoloration, as well as stains.

Considered to be one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, our dentists have specialized in this service and are fully equipped to ensure that your smile is brought back to life. Noteworthy, teeth whitening does not happen overnight. It involves a couple of visits for the dentist to ensure that your teeth maintain that bright white appeal. In other words, the more regular the visits, the brighter your teeth.

Why go for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening comes into the picture when one’s teeth get discolored or stained. The enamel refers to the outermost part of one’s teeth. Usually, scattering and reflection of light by the enamel is what brings about that bright white color. This is a naturally occurring process although at times certain conditions or incidents lead to discoloration.

Additionally, genes also play an integral role in teeth whitening Santa Clarita since the dentin, which is located right below the enamel, also contributes to the white color. Individuals born with thin enamels allow their dentin’s color to show more. In other cases, people with rougher or even overly smooth enamels have varying levels of light reflection which in turn affects the teeth color.

In some cases, stains lead to discoloration of teeth, which makes teeth whitening Santa Clarita a necessity. Normally, the pellicle, which is a thin coating found on teeth, picks up various stains from different items. Some of the most popular factors that lead to the formation of these stains include excessive tobacco smoking, frequent consumption of dark-colored drinks including cola, red wine, and coffee, as well as poor oral hygiene. Additional, old age also tend to make one’s teeth less bright while the dentin grows darker.

There are also other kinds of stains known as intrinsic stains. They develop inside the teeth and are brought about by various elements including excessive exposure to fluoride-filled water when young. However, teeth whitening Santa Clarita is most effective on external stains and not intrinsic ones.

Vital teeth whitening

Dentists use two main kinds of procedures for whitening purposes. Vital whitening utilizes a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. In other cases, whitening toothpaste is used. It is applied on the affected teeth for a period of one and a half hours to ensure that the bleaching agent achieves the required effect. More importantly, you will be required to go for up to 3 teeth whitening Santa Clarita procedures in order to maintain the white color.

Non-Vital teeth whitening

Vital whitening does not work as effectively for intrinsic stains as it does for external ones, and especially for patients that have previously undergone a root canal. Non-vital whitening works towards whitening the inside of the affected tooth/teeth. As such, non-vital teeth whitening Santa Clarita involves placing the whitening agent inside the tooth and placing a filling, although temporal, over it.

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